16 th September 2019

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The Camp Facility

At the back of the Elim property is a Camp Facility. It is situated behind the large ruined building on Elim. The facility is basic but quite sufficient.

  1. ACCOMMODATION is available for up to 80 persons. Most rooms are dormitory style except for three ‘family’ rooms.
  2. AVAILABILITY. The Camp Facility is available only during the warmer months, and is suitable for larger groups and camps.
  3. KITCHEN AND DINING ROOM with seating for up to 80.
  4. CONFERENCE ROOM that can seat 80, (or 100 people if arrangements are made beforehand).
  5. PING-PONG ROOM – very basic, but fun!
  6. A LAUNDRY is equipped with a washing machine. There are lines outside for drying.
  7. BATHROOM FACILITIES. There are 4 bathroom facilities. In addition, five of the nine camp-rooms also have a washbasin with running water.
  8. PLAYGROUND. There is a playground for your children, and also footpaths on which they may roller-skate or ride tricycles.
  9. CAMPFIRE AND GRILL AREA – is available for all the camps.
  10. ADVANCED BOOKINGS. Because of the Camp Facilities’ popularity, booking in advance is usually necessary.