Christmas Programs

Every year December is one of the busiest months. Christmas is a time of wonderful opportunities to help people in a physical and spiritual way and a time where there are many opportunities to sow the seed of God’s Word in many hearts.

It is wonderful to be able to hold evangelistic programs in the community during the Christmas season. Some of the places that God has opened up for us are to:

  1. Many poorer Children and parents in Wlen (a town 30 km from the Mission)
  2. The people in the Hospice (20 minutes from Elim)
  3. The families of children that come for meals at Elim
  4. Many forgotten, handicapped, or old people from 2 Homes for special care (1 hours drive from Elim)
  5. Over 150 needy families in our area, sent by the government
  6. The hospital patients in Lwowek Slaski
  7. The Children Home (next to Elim)
  8. Singles and families invited to the Mission Christmas meal