Marian & Malgosia Kulanica & Family

Malgosia’s introduction to Elim Christian Center came through her mother. By this time Malgosia herself was a mother and, as mothers do, Malgosia did! She brought her newest born to visit grandmother. It just so happened that Agata’s grandmother lived at Elim!

At Elim Malgosia saw that her mother, Krystyna, was a changed person. Sadness and worry had been replaced by joy and peace. Knowing that her mother had had a difficult life, Malgosia’s immediate reaction was to be happy for her. But then Malgosia came to understand something of why Krystyna was so changed when, for the first time in her life, she heard the gospel explained clearly: it was possible to have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. This was what had changed her mother! And this Malgosia now desired for herself. She gladly accepted Jesus as her Savior and wholeheartedly committed herself to following Him.

After that initial commitment to Christ, Elim drew Malgosia. There she could learn more of God and enjoy Christian fellowship. Her whole family – husband Marian, and sons Tomek and Michal, as well as Agata – began spending weekends and holidays at Elim whenever possible.

When Marian came to Elim he found love such as he had never known in his life before. Here were people who scarcely knew him, yet loved him! Marian wanted to know that love in his own heart and life; and so, around the time of the dedication of their third son, Emanuel, he opened his life to the love of Jesus.

In between visits Malgosia found herself thinking more and more about Elim. At any given moment she would wonder what was happening at the palace; she would try to picture daily life there. For some time a longing had been growing in her heart to serve the Lord through Elim Christian Center. As she and Marian prayed and talked together about their future, the desire to serve the Lord at Elim deepened within them both.

Meanwhile, Ken and Giselle were praying about whether or not they should invite Marian and Malgosia to serve at Elim. They soon came to believe that this thought was of God. Marian and Malgosia were therefore asked to pray concerning God’s will for their lives – but, of course, they were already doing so! It was not long before Marian gave notice at his work and, early in 1997, the Kulanica family moved to Elim. Despite their first home being on the small side for a family of six, Marian and Malgosia were content, knowing the blessing of obedience.

With his previous training in a trade and his natural aptitude for excellence in all he does, Marian was immediately at work at Elim helping in every way he could. The careful attention to detail that is so noticeable in, for example, the way tiles are laid is testimony to his workmanship. Working alongside Keith he soon acquired the building trade skills that have enabled him to carry on this work and, most recently, to create an apartment for his son and daughter-in-law.

Although most of his work is to do with renovation and maintenance at Elim, Marian is also a valued deacon in the church.

Malgosia was also quickly involved in the work. She has taken overall responsibility for sorting the donations of clothing and footwear to be given away. When people come in to choose clothes she, and others, are on hand to chat and to encourage folk to know that Elim is ready and willing to give other forms of help. Whenever there is a natural opening Ma³gosia is happy to share what she has experienced of God’s love.

In the church Malgosia serves as prayer co-ordinator. Through her work in the church library/bookshop she encourages everyone to read Christian books, to listen to teaching tapes and to watch Christian videos; she somehow finds time to lead a home group as well! The children’s work also benefits from Malgosia’s input; she leads in Sunday School and helps in both the Polkolonia/ VBS and the preparation of Christmas packages for children.

Speaking of children, since joining the staff at Elim, Marian and Malgosia’s family has been completed with the arrival in 1999 of a second daughter, Kasia.

From the book “Dying buildings, Livings stones” by SHIRLEY E. JEANS and MARY E. CAMPBELL