Tomek & Gosia Kulanica

When the Kulanica family joined the staff of Elim early in 1997 the oldest son, Tomek, had already moved there to live with his grandmother, Krystyna; this arrangement enabled him to pursue his chosen course of study. Over those early years of living at Elim Tomek became involved with the youth group and even began to feel a pull towards serving the Lord through Elim.

Three years later, through the generosity of friends, Tomek went to Australia to study at Cornerstone Bible School for two years. Soon after his return to Poland he offered to do anything he could to help at Elim. Tomek then committed himself to serving there, initially for a year. Ken asked him to lead the youth work and to be involved in the leading of worship on Sundays. Being a child of his generation, Tomek was also asked to give Elim the benefit of his computer skills!

Gosia Perzynska lived with her family in a village south of Lwowek Slaski. The family first came into touch with Elim through the Christian Home Seminar held there in 1993. Soon after that all the family began attending church at Elim and, one by one, came to know the Lord Jesus Christ personally. Gosia committed her life to the Lord and was baptized in 1995.

After she had finished secondary school Gosia pursued further studies in economics at a college in Lwowek Slaski. Krystyna, whose own daughter was in Australia at the time, offered Gosia a home with her. In order to show her gratitude Gosia began helping with housework at Elim. While doing so she began thinking that, if God called her, she would be happy to serve Him through Elim Christian Center.

Following Tomek’s return to Poland he and Gosia began spending time together getting to know each other. Then, amazingly – and to cut a long story short – it was possible for Gosia to visit Australia for three months. After her Australian safari further changes lay ahead for Gosia. Firstly, Ken asked her to be a member of staff at Elim and serve in the office as receptionist/secretary. And secondly, Tomek asked her to be his wife. To both requests Gosia gave her delighted consent!

Tomek and Gosia were married in the spring of this year (2004) and today are to be found serving God together at Elim. Gosia’s is the welcoming face in the office, the pleasant voice on the end of the phone. Tomek leads the worship team on Sundays; on weekdays he is Elim’s computer graphics man. Both are keen leaders of the youth work, praying that God will bring many young people to be His ambassadors in the town and district. God is blessing and using this young couple as, like David of old, they serve the purposes of God in their own generation (see Acts 13:36).

From the book “Dying buildings, Livings stones” by SHIRLEY E. JEANS and MARY E. CAMPBELL