Clothing Ministry

Many people and groups have donated used clothing through the years to Elim for distribution among the poor. This Clothing Ministry blesses hundreds of families each year, not only by providing them with clothing, but also so that they can make contact with the Mission and its other ministries.

Most of the clothing comes from Holland and Germany (especially American Military living in Germany), and is collected with much effort by loving Christians, and brought to the Mission. We have a special room at the Mission where the clothing is sorted and prepared to give away.

The clothing room serves a wide variety of people:

  • The 25 – 30 villages surrounding our area, a village at a time
  • Other churches, for the needy people in their church
  • The government, who sends the poorest in the region to the Mission
  • Other Institutions in this area, (Children’s Homes, Rehab. Center, Homes for the Handicapped etc)
  • For the families of the children on the feeding program
  • For the church families and the Missionaries that serve at Elim

This ministry is a wonderful opportunity to establish relationships with people, and is a blessing to many.

Special Thanks to all, who have donated clothing and blessed all of these people.