How To Get Here


Once you cross the border, please stay on the autobahn towards Wroclaw. After passing a sign for Boleslawiec, get off the autobahn when you see a sign for Jelenia Gora/Zielona Gora – 297. Once you are off the autobahn, take a left off the traffic circle. Once you enter Boleslawiec, you will pass some factories and Pottery shops. Go straight through the next traffic circle (there will be more pottery shops). Go straight through the tunnel and take a left after the tunnel toward Legnica 336. When you get to a traffic light with a Shell station on the right corner stay with the Jelenia Gora – 297 signs.


You need to find the 4 way intersection that has a sign for Jelenia Gora (or Lwowek Slaski) on Hwy 297 (the sign is not easily seen off to the right). There will be a flea market on the left hand corner- make a left hand turn. Its about a 20-30 minute drive. Drive 50 kph through towns.

The names of the towns you will be going through, so you will know that you are on course are:

  • Nowe Jaroszowice
  • Suszki
  • Zerkowice
  • Brunow

Right after you leave Brunow (a sign with a slash through it) you will drive between 2 gas stations. Immediately after that, the priority road curves to the left. (you will now see a sign for Lwowek Slaski) Stay on the priority road. Lwowek is very curvy. You now need to look for a red Orlen gas station on the right side of the road with an eagle on it. Turn left there. Go over the railroad tracks. Go over two small bridges (they have small brick walls on the sides). When the road splits stay to the left. At the next road split go to the right. (The priority road went to the left). At the next split take the left. The palace is on the right. There is a white picket fence. Take the opening in the fence. Drive through the arch. Park in the courtyard. Buzz the Jedynak (or Solowscy) name button.