Our Beliefs

We believe:

  1. That the Bible is the Holy Word of God, divinely inspired, and always proves to be true and correct.
  2. That there is one God, revealing Himself to man in three persons; God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
  3. That man is born spiritually dead and separated from God because of sin. Man’s hope is spiritual rebirth found only in the receiving of God’s Son, Jesus Christ.
  4. That Jesus Christ, fully God and fully man was born of the Virgin Mary. He is God’s only way of salvation for all mankind. It is through His death on the cross, His shed blood and His bodily resurrection that God made atonement for mans sin.
  5. Salvation is a gift that is received through faith in Jesus Christ. Good works comes as a result of Salvation; it is the desire of the spiritually revived man; an action of love and obedience.
  6. God’s Holy Spirit is received upon rebirth, and fills the believer for growth, holiness, power and service to our Lord Jesus Christ.
  7. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are given by God as He wills, according to His plan and purpose for the believer. They are used for the building, equipping and empowering of the body of Christ.
  8. The Church is the body of Christ and is composed of all who have accepted Jesus Christ by faith as their personal Lord and Savior. It’s mission is to go into all the world proclaiming Jesus as the Christ, God’s Son and the only way of salvation.
  9. The second coming of Christ is near, fulfilling what God foretold through the prophets, and bringing about the eternal salvation for the redeemed and eternal punishment for the lost.