God Gives Bethel

By 1999, the church began outgrowing the Chapel Room at the Elim Mission. The Pastor also felt that the church should be moved to the center of the town, into a more visible place.
Through many miracles of faith and prayer, the Lord provided a larger building for the church.

The buildings (there were 3 on the property) were dilapidated and in need of much repair. The building designated to be the Church Sanctuary had originally been built as a cinema, and later had been used as a sewing factory.

Most of the renovations were done by the Missionaries and some of the church’s congregation, and were funded by God’s miraculous touch to the hearts of people who knew of the Mission.

(More detailed story of the miraculous provisioning in the book “Dying Buildings – Living Stones”)

In May 2001, “Bethel Christian Church” officially opened in its newly renovated home in Lwowek Slaski.

Since the Church moved into town, there has been a notable change in the spirit and direction of the people within the church, changing from ‘How can you serve me?” to “ How may we serve the Lord and others?” Now the church body is involved with variety of ministries for Jesus in our town and community.