Recreation within the Palace

We would love to show you around Elim. The Palace is 450 years old, and has a few renaissance remnants worth viewing. We would also be happy to share with you while on the tour some of the story of how God has led and provided for the Elim Mission.
Most rooms or apartments should have the availability to make tea in your room. There is also a small ‘Tea-room’ which is located in-between the downstairs Lounge and the Dining Room. Elim tap water is drinkable and tasty!

  • For larger groups – There is a large white ‘boiler’ mounted above the sink in the Tearoom which supplies an endless flow of boiling water. This is suitable for conferences.
  • For smaller groups – There are kettles and a coffee machine in the small kitchen.
(This is not for School-Camps or Children’s Camps)

  • An English Library of mostly Christian literature is found in the downstairs Lounge Room. We do appreciate if you could please look after these books, and return them to their place when you have finished. – Thank you.
  • Videos and Dvd’s. In the main Lounge Room is a video/dvd system. The Mission has a variety of children’s videos available in English
  • Board games are available in the lower Lounge Room, in the Internet café, and in the larger apartment.
  • Children’s toys are found in a cupboard in the upstairs corridor.
(This is not for School Camps or Children’s Camps). On the 3rd floor is an Internet Café. (See map). There is no charge to use this room.
On the 2nd floor is a Conference Room/Chapel that can seat 120 people. If you need more seating, please ask. (Max 150). The sound equipment is available for group meetings if arranged with the Elim Manager.
For those not in an apartment, there is a small kitchen available next to the Dinning Room. If you have a very large group and need to use the larger Mission Kitchen, please see the Manager.
There is a hot meal prepared each weekday at 13:00 in the Dinning Room. If you would like to share in this meal, please just let us know in the morning of that day. You are very welcomed to join us.