Nativity Project

The Nativity Project is the sewing project that supports many of our church’s needier families.  This project began several years ago and is continually sponsoring many families.

When the Church began, the Bethel church had an very high unemployment rate (around 90%). Many of the people in the church had come to the Lord through the Elim Mission’s ministries for the needy.

In 2004 God gave the inspiration for a way to help people create support for the church families and, in turn, for His church and His work in Poland through Elim.

Many of the village Christian women have never sewn with a machine before, neither have they been involved with handcrafts. Simple workshops for the training in handcraft sewing where held at the Elim Mission, and now these Christian women are making beautiful Handcrafted Nativity Sets!

For those of you who may be wondering how you may obtain a set, or become involved in helping with this Nativity Project, please write to us ( (We are praying for people to come on board to help out with this.)

If you would like to see photos of a few of the families who have been helped by the project, or some who are presently on the Project please click on the link below.  Please also view the Nativity Sets that are available by clicking the below links.

Nativity Description  ||  Large Nativity Set  ||  Gift Set  ||  Meet some Families on the project

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