Homes For The Elderly

There are 2 Government Institutions in our region that are filled with not only old people, but also people who have no one to care for them. They’re people of many different age groups and with many different illnesses. Some are as young as in their 20’s.

These are mostly a forgotten people and many are thirsty for the Lord’s love. One Home has about 80 people in it, and is 45 minutes’ drive from the Mission. The other Home has about 70 people in it, and is about 1 hour’s drive into a remote area in our region.

Each week 2 teams from the church go to visit these homes. The people there are encouraged to trust Jesus, as the Good News is shared with them. Many have prayed to receive the Lord into their hearts. It is a great time of joy and fellowship, as visits are made from room to room. We are thankful to God for these people, and the open door that He has given us to visit with them.

Every year at Christmas, the Lord has given the opportunity to present a Gospel program, gifts and a meal in these homes.