Library Ministries

Polish Christian Library

For many years under Communism, the Polish people were deprived of a wide variety of Christian reading/teaching materials. Now every Sunday, a well-stocked Polish Christian Library is open at Bethel for both the Church people and the public. So much more Christian literature is now available in Poland, providing a wonderful opportunity for spiritual learning and growth. The Bethel library has over ?? Christian books in it. The books touch on many different subjects, and our church and community are blessed to have access to them.

English Library

In addition to the Polish Christian Library, God has provided Bethel with an English Library as an extension of the English School Ministry.

For many years English books have been donated to Elim. It wasn’t until 2004 that the Lord sent Faith Baptist Church (an American church in Germany) with the vision and energy to establish an English library at Bethel. They have faithfully maintained the growing extension of this library.