Sunday School

Sunday School and Youth ministries are held in the 3rd building on the Bethel property. There is an amazing story of how God granted us the renovations for this facility.

The Government bank needed to rent a building for one year, and we agreed to let them use our building. They offered to pay us the year’s rent in advance in one lump sum so that the building could be renovated for use.

For one year this building housed the bank, and afterwards the church was able to move the Sunday school and youth ministries into this building. This is how God wonderfully provided for us!

Now every Sunday, children from ages 0 – 12 years may join in programs specially suited for their age. There is child-care for babies, as well as 2 other programs for older children. These take place during the time of the Church service.

Many of the children who once attended the Sunday school programs are now young adults serving in various ministries within the church.